Aloe Vera for sport horses in show jumping and hunter

Horse health and food supplements

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Aloe Vera for sport horses in eventing

Horse health and food supplements

Aloe Vera for sport horses in dressage

Horse health and food supplements

Aloe Vera for horse racing

Horse health and food supplements

Aloe Vera for sport horses in jumping show and hunter


Our Aloe Vera

The quality of Forever Living

Our Aloe Vera is a wonderful plant known for its many properties in internal and external use: helps the healing of gastric ulcers, better recovery after exercise, contributes to natural defenses, strengthens the immune system, stimulates metabolism, healing effect on wounds.


In France our vet confirm the effectiveness of our ingredients based on natural products with Aloe Vera for the health of horses

Currently , our products are certified by the regulations in force :

  • No doping substance
  • Not tested on animals
  • ISO 9001 & ISO 14001
  • International Aloe Science Council
  • “My horse was injured in a barbwire. Following this accident I used the Aloe Veterinary Formula Spray and Aloe Vera Gelly in order to contribute to the healing on the left hock of my horse. Results were very satisfying !”

    Charlotte NHCS's client
  • “I have two young mares in show jumping competition. I enjoy all the products of Natural Horse Care Solution. For instance, I used to help the recovery and ulcers. I performed cure and both of them are very receptive. I joined NHCS in order to build the brand awareness through my experiences but also to be in part of the product development and used them on my mares.”

    Clémentine NHCS's distributor
  • “I have a real passion for natural products. I was looking a long time ago a moisturizer for summer dermatitis on my horse. I applied the Aloe Veterinary Formula and after one use I was surprised that the skin based on the tail of my horse was transformed in a faster way. Thanks to the high concentration and quality of Aloe Vera in each products received by that nice brand, Natural Horse Care Solution.”

    Capucine F.
    Capucine F. NHCS's client

The benefits of one plant…

…So many ways to use it



“Mens sana in corpore sano”. This nice quote means a healthy mind in a healthy body and that can be applied directly for sport horses. The physical and the mental force for one horse is linked to the care and feeding. Healthy nutrition is an important criteria that can highly contribute to the performance and make a difference.



To contribute to the well-being of your horse during daily workouts with Aloe Vera. Wonder of nature, this medicinal plant used in veterinary medicine, contains nutrients essential to the functioning of his body.



In life there is exceptional moment for a breeder like when your mares give birth of a foal inside your stable. This wonderful moment is unforgettable. The benefits of Aloe Vera help in external use to solve the problem of broodmares. Our supplements also improve the general conditions of the horses.




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