Natural Horse Care Solution

“A true passion since my childhood”

CEO of Natural Horse Care Solution, I’m passionate about sport horses since my childhood. My brand in partnership with Forever Living Products was created to improve the well-being and the performance of horses day by day.

Rider and groom in France but also at the international level in foreign country such as USA as well as other countries. I’ve always enjoyed this beautiful sport. My fruitful experiences across the world allowed me to reinforce my knowledge, build a strong network and improve my English.

Due to all of that, I can currently give you good advices about our Aloe Vera products based on natural ingredients for your horse or horses.

Close to nature

My expertise on Aloe Vera regarding our products led me to have a partnership with a strong reputation company called Forever and present at the international level (more than 155 countries). My partner is a world leader in Aloe Vera who gives me a quality product  but also the logistics to optimize customer service and deliver my customer across the world.

Natural Horse Care Solution is in perfect adequacy with all the values of Forever Living Products. Ethics, by the management of employees, by its generous assistance to people in difficulties across the world and it’s positive environmental impact.

My will: Proud of the different testimonies that we can receive of our products in training, competing and breeding. I would be happy to give you my best advice in our products and put you directly in touch with one of my distributors.

It is a daily pleasure to contribute to the development of the Aloe Vera products with sport horses through various partnerships like stables and an efficient development carried out by my team from the equine environment. This enable us to bring you a real expertise and advice you professionally.

ALOE VERA will bring to your horse all the vertues that they need for their well-being

The NHCS quality in partnership with Forever Living Products

A patent at the cutting-edge during the manufacturing process in order to conserve all the properties of Aloe Vera inside each product.

Certified IASC

Forever Living Products

The company in partnership with Natural Horse Care Solution and leader in Aloe Vera


Forever Living Product is the result of the great success of one man: Rex Maughan and his deep desire to create a company that match well-being and financial freedom.

The founder has launched a special range of high quality products. Results are experiencing a tremendous success.

Aloe Vera, medicinal plant of extraordinary nutritional value in the heart of the creation in each product.

We sell our products in France and abroad in more than 155 countries through the logistics performance of our partner.

An international company

NHCS in partner with Forever Living Products has a really nice reputation inside the field of sport horses. Each day we evolved due to our team, distributors, partners and clients that want to improve the well-being and the performance in the daily way.

The development of the products in the heart of its passion offer nice possibilities to travel and create privileges of friendship across the world.

We also have meetings, trainings by a vet that give us nice advices, business travel that are organized in international countries during the year.


Earth picture

The turnover increased since 1978, Forever Living is present in more than 155 countries and employ over 10 000 employees around the world.

The values of Forever Living Products

An ethical company, socially responsible

Committed to the respect of the planet and people in need of help across the world

  • Forevergiving
  • Mécénat heart surgery
  • Foundation in Morocco of Lalla Asma
  • Control his environmental impact
  • Certification ISO 14001
  • Positive carbon footprint


Natural Horse Care Solution and Forever Living Products are engaged

We offer quality products, not tested on animals and respectful of the environment.

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